Hair Loss

Guidance for the hair transplant surgery

In this fast-running world, we are always accompanied by stress. Every person on this planet, in one way or another, is dealing with a stressful life, which is directly linked to the hair fall problem. Every third person is dealing with the hair fall problem. A very common treatment for hair loss is hair transplant surgery. It is a surgery that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body to areas where hairs are thinning and receding. Usually, hair is taken from the back or sides of the head to cover the bald area. Hair transplant surgery is quite a popular option for people looking to restore their hairline and increase their hair density. If you are suffering from hair loss and seek treatment, then you can opt for hair transplants in India.

What are the conditions treated by hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is used to treat conditions such as male baldness, female pattern hair loss or other types of hair thinning and baldness problems. It is used to restore a natural hairline by increasing hair density and improving overall appearance and confidence. For more information, you can see hair loss treatment in Vizag.

The procedure of hair transplant surgery

There are two major techniques followed for hair transplant surgery:

  • Follicular Unit transplantation: During FUT surgery your doctor will cut out a strip of skin consisting of hair follicles from the donor area and transplanted into areas with baldness and thinning hair area. This procedure is done using local anesthesia, and the recovery period varies from person to person.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction: In FUE surgery, instead of removing a strip of skin like in FUT, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area by using a punch tool, and these follicles are transplanted into the affected area.

Risks included in the hair transplant surgery: 

Like any other surgical procedure, hair transplant surgical procedure also consists of some general risks such as:

  • Risk of infection at the recipient and donor site
  • Risk of bleeding during and after the surgery.
  • Possibility of visible scarring at the recipient and donor site
  • May experience some pain, swelling and discomfort after the surgery
  • In some cases, you may see some poor graft survival, which means follicles may not grow as expected or survive

Benefits of Hair transplant surgery:

Hair transplant surgery offers many benefits, such as: 

  • It ensures natural-looking results by using your hair follicles
  • It provides a permanent solution for the problem of hair loss and gives long-lasting results
  • With good hair density, it helps you in gaining your self-esteem and confidence back
  • No special maintenance is required once the transplanted hair grows.
  • It is a cost-effective procedure in the long run compared to other temporary hair loss treatments.

It is important to consult with a good hair transplant surgeon, such as a hair transplant in India, who can check your condition and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and discuss your goals and expectations regarding the procedure.

Hair Loss

Procedure, Risks and Advantages of the Prp Treatment

PRP treatment is also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy. It consists of two elements, basically plasma (liquid portion of the blood)and platelet (helps in healing throughout the body). PRP is simply blood that contains more platelets than normal, injected in the affected or injured area to get the desired results. PRP treatment is prevalent in Hair loss treatment. In the PRP treatment for hair loss, blood is taken from the patient’s body and then separated from the platelet-rich plasma, and then injected into the scalp. For more details you can see PRP treatment in India.

The procedure of the PRP treatment for Hair loss:

  • Blood Draw: The First step in the Prp treatment is that a small amount is drawn out of the patient’s arm.
  • Centrifugation: The blood sample is put into the centrifugal machine, which spins at a very high speed, separating the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood.
  • Preparation: After the PRP is separated from the collected sample, it is prepared for injection.
  • Numbing: Before injecting the PRP injection, your scalp will be numbed with the anesthetic to make the procedure painless for the patient
  • Injection: After numbing the scalp area, the PRP is carefully injected into the scalp where hair loss is present.
  • Recovery: After the procedure, you might feel some redness or swelling in the injected area, but it will normalize within a day or two. 

For reference, you can check hair loss treatment in Vizag.

Risks of the PRP treatment

PRP treatment is generally considered to be safe, but there are some potential risks, such as:

  • Infection: There is a risk of infection in the injected area, which can be avoided with the use of sterilization techniques.
  • Pain or Discomfort: In this procedure, local anesthesia is used which is used to minimize the discomfort or pain. However, some people might feel discomfort even after using anesthesia.
  • Bruising or Swelling: A patient might feel a little swelling and bruise at the injected site after the surgery, but it will normalize within a few days.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people might get some allergic reactions after the Prp injection.

Advantages of the Prp treatment

The most important advantage of the PRP treatment in India is that it uses a person’s healing properties to treat hair growth. Prp has the potential to stimulate hair follicles which helps in promoting hair growth and improving hair density. As the PRP is derived from your blood, there are fewer chances of any kind of allergy and any side effects. Other than this, PRP treatment is nonsurgical treatment and has a minimally invasive procedure, meaning there is not a lengthy procedure for the recovery. It is important to note that the specific procedure and risks can vary according to the situation. So, it is best advised to consult a professional hair loss treatment in Vizag for more detailed specifications in your case.

Hair Loss Hair Transplant

Which are the two most effective hair loss treatment options in 2022?

Which is the most effective hair loss treatment?

Are you losing hair?

Is it making you stressed?

Is hair loss making you lose your confidence?

Have you tried all the possible over-the-counter hair loss medications?

First of all…Take a deep breath!

It’s time to understand that you haven’t tried the most effective hair loss treatment under the expertise of a Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag. Do you know what I am talking about?

The answer to the same is Hair Transplant in Vizag and PRP Therapy.

Both these treatment options are one of the most effective options in the hair restoration industry and seeking a lot of attention as the suitable and appropriate Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag to make a lot of difference in the patient’s hair loss state. Let’s make you all familiar with both these treatment options so that you get to make appropriate choices accordingly.

Hair transplant treatment

Hair transplant treatment gives natural-looking and permanent hair growth. So, don’t you think it’s appropriate to reap all its necessary benefits considering the way it works? Note that losing hair loss and then losing confidence should not continue your entire life. Seeking a necessary treatment plan on time ensures that hair loss is well-addressed.

During a hair transplant, hair follicles extraction and hair graft placement are performed under the expertise of renowned hair restoration surgeons. Additionally, the doctor will choose the method between FUE and FUT to effectively transplant hair grafts on problematic parts.

In some cases, FUE and FUT are combined to ensure patients seek necessary results. The said approach is beneficial in those cases where hair loss is at an extreme stage. Following a hair transplant, the necessary results are seen within 8 to 12 months. After the surgery, the utmost important part is to follow all the necessary suggestions shared by your hair restoration surgeon to ensure the best results are obtained. Moreover, one session is enough to give the necessary results in most cases.

PRP therapy for hair loss

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, in which blood is taken from the patient’s arm and then processed further. Afterward, the platelets are extracted as they have the features to help in increasing hair growth. PRP therapy takes around 2 to 3 sessions to see necessary differences.

In some cases, the hair restoration surgeon can combine it with hair transplant treatment to make the results better by all means. The necessary results are obtained at the said time to make a difference in the hair loss state.

Are you wondering which hair loss treatment option to opt for?

Don’t worry! Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to analyze effectively which treatment plan is most effective for your condition. You are in a better state of managing everything, and your lost confidence is regained. So, plan for desired hair loss treatment to improve and enhance your appearance.