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    Pimple Treatment in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Pimple Treatment in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Whether it is sudden or you are dealing with acne or pimples for a long time, you need to get the treatment right away. It’s even more surprising as 200 to 300 million Indians alone complain about this issue. This skin problem is considered problematic because it impacts the texture and tone of the skin. The most prominent signs of acne are pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and any sort of painful bump.

    For Exquisite Beauty, Effective Pimple Treatment

    Are you delaying its treatment? Or Are you struggling to find the precise solution for this? 
    My friend! You have come to the right place as you will know better what to do & which choice is right for you. At VJ’s Cosmetology Clinic, you will find the latest options for Pimple Treatment in Vizag. 

    Do you know?

    This skin condition is likely to trigger between the individuals of age group 11 to 30. Keeping that aside, this problem can become a concern for individuals of any age or gender. 

    Pimple treatment cost

    Pimple Treatment Cost in Visakhapatnam ranges between Rs 2000 to Rs 15,000. There are variegated procedures and depending on what is your skin concern you can get the treatment plan. For example: If you choose to get the chemical peel then it costs around Rs 500 to Rs 10,000
    *The final cost will be told by the doctor after determining which area needs to be treated and by checking what is your current state. Make sure that you never compare your treatment cost with others. 

    VJ’s Cosmetology Clinic: Leading team giving you all the pimple treatment options

    Customized and nothing but the best results that is what our team of dermatologists focuses upon. The years of excellence clearly show in our doctor’s skills and a trained team whose only aim is to give you the most advanced solutions. After checking your condition, you will be told whether you only need a specific treatment or it needs to be combined.

    What’s the aim of our acne or pimple treatment plan?

    Treat the root cause, reduce the severity, and frequency of the acne. 

    • Oral & Topical Medications: Acne or pimple flare-up can be the reason for health issues like PCOS, insulin resistance, and other issues. Depending on the same you are suggested to take oral medications like oral antibiotics, oral isotretinoin, and hormonal therapy. You may be suggesting certain topic medications to address the issue of blackouts.
    • Chemical peels: With the assistance of the medical professionals, you will be suggested to use the chemical peels which have a special formula & depending on the skin type you are suggested the right one. Through the chemical peel, the outer layer will be treated with a chemical that helps to exfoliate it & treat the concern you have. This way the skin texture is improved.
    • Comedone extraction: Comedones are used for taking out the whiteheads & blackheads. Our dermatologists will use the precise tool which helps the specific concern to be treated the way you want it.
    • Intralesional infection: What’s better than getting yourself the benefit of an advanced treatment plan? Through this approach, the problem of severe inflammation is addressed. This invention option is great as the scarring concern is extremely less.
    • Laser toning: Laser toning is another great method in which you can see the results within a few sessions. This will help in reducing the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is left due to acne or pimples. Its concern is to address the way they are visible and minimize the active acne.

    What is the ideal age to get acne treatment?

    EVERYONE & ANYONE can choose to get the pimple treatment after 18 years. But pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to seek its advantage. For patients above 15 years, our doctor prefers them to get a salicylic acid peel.

    When can I notice the results?

    For the notable changes, you need to visit the clinic for at least 2 to 3 sessions. The results will get better as the session continues. No matter how severe the acne is, not less than 4 to 6 sessions will help you see the results you want.

    Are the pimple treatment results permanent?

    After the treatment, the patients need to follow everything as told by the doctor. If you want to enjoy the results and make your skin pimple-free, then ‘Follow the doctor’s instructions. You need to attend all the maintenance sessions as told by the doctor.

    Will the treatment leave any side effects and risks?

    Our dermatologists will suggest to you the treatment plan for reducing the risk & making sure you are comfortable. The doctors are well-aware of all the latest technologies & they make sure to follow all the necessary safety guidelines so that in the end you get the expected results you want.

    Are you having trouble finding the best pimple treatment for you?

    If your acne or pimple is making you not love yourself or you feel your self-esteem is at stake then you should schedule your initial consultation with us. By planning the treatment with us all your skin concerns will be treated once and for all. Schedule your initial consultation with us to know better, what your treatment plan will include.

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    Exclusive One-On-One Consultation With Dermatologist

    Exclusive One-On-One Consultation With Dermatologist

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    Finest Solutions For Every Skin Problem

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    Custom-Made Treatment For Better Aesthetics

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    Solutions Which Provide Long-Lasting Solutions

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    Shaina Mishra

    Shaina Mishra

    In my 20s, my skin went through a terrific change, which I never expected. The problem of pimples changed my life and I did not even feel like going to college or anywhere else. One fine day, I started to search about the pimple treatment and I came across VJ's Cosmetology Clinic and decided to schedule my initial consultation. From start to end, the doctor guided me to an effective treatment plan to address the concern I was going through. Within a few sessions, I started to notice the improvement. It has been over a year and my skin has never felt this way. Thank you to the doctor & the entire team.