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    Body Contouring Treatment In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Body Contouring Treatment In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Body Contouring treatment is the way for you to improve your body shape, just the way you always wanted. It is possible with age or due to losing weight, you still have saggy skin & fat bulges. This can make your body have an undefined shape & make you look uncomfortable about yourself. If you are holding yourself back from wearing your favourite clothing item, then it is time for you to get yourself the benefit of the most effective and popular treatment. Through this, your body will have a sculpted look and you will get to see the results you always wanted to have. At our place, the Body Contouring Treatment in Vizag is highly popular among individuals because of the desired results it provides.

    Body Contouring Treatment Cost

    No doubt, the body contouring treatment does provide the best results. However, quoting the exact figure for the Body Contouring Treatment Cost in Visakhapatnam is not possible till the time you choose to consult the doctor. Only after the proper evaluation, the doctor will let you know the amount which you need to pay to enjoy the countless benefits of the contouring procedure in Vizag. Here are some factors which determine the exact cost of your treatment plan:

    • Anesthesia fees
    • Medical tests
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Hospital or surgical facility costs
    • Post-surgery garments
    • Prescriptions for medication

    Who is the ideal candidate to undergo the body contouring procedure?

    The ideal age is 18 years and the patient should have a BMI less than 30. Certain individuals cannot choose to get it done like those wearing metal implants, cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women, and dealing with health issues. You should talk to our dermatologists and know better how you can enroll yourself to get it done.

    How many sessions are needed to see the results?

    The 3 most common things are assessed initially like fat, sag, and cellulite in the area to be treated. Depending on these the further treatment will be planned for you. So, it’s better that you talk to the doctor about how many sessions are required.

    Are the results permanent?

    YES! But you need to follow the doctor’s advice and keep your weight under normal BMI. If you follow the surgeon’s instructions rightfully you can expect to enjoy the results for a lifetime.

    What are the benefits of undergoing body contouring treatment?

    Body contouring is the way to get the body sculpted properly & here are some of the major benefits of it:

    • Do you want a flat belly, slender waistline, and sculpted flanks? All is possible with body contouring as it focuses on taking out the unwanted fat?
    • Get rid of the excess sag, make your thigh slims and get your cellulite proper.
    • Get those arms toned and rid of the excess fat. Moreover, it focuses on the armpit bulge and bingo wings

    You just need to seek help from the experts to know better how the treatment will proceed and what your procedure will include.

    What are the major steps of body contouring?

    The right procedure is the key to reaching the desired results and for that proper plan needs to be made. The procedures for body contouring which are suggested by the doctor are:

    Arm Lift Treats the upper arm sagging
    Breast lift Treats sagging & flattens breast
    Lower body lifts Treats abdomen, inner & outer thigh, and buttocks sagging
    Facelift Treats the sagging of the neck, jowls, and mid-face
    Medial thigh lift Corrects the sagging of the inner thigh
    Tummy tuck Treats the excess skin which is present on the abdomen area.

    Most important steps through which body contouring is done

    Step 1: Anesthesia is given

    First of all, anaesthesia is given so that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Depending on your condition you will be suggested the best type of anaesthesia.

    Step 2: Doing the incision

    To remove excess skin, an incision is made on the specific body part. The choice of incision length & pattern will be based upon where the treatment needs to be done. Following that all the necessary surgical instruments are used.

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    Jia Manik

    Jia Manik

    Struggling through the eating disorder for the last 2 years started increasing my weight. Around 3 months back I decided to undergo the body contouring procedure in Vizag. Genuinely, it helped me to get my body in shape the way I always wanted. No doubt, it’s a journey to get the desired results but everything is worth the wait. Thank you to the entire team.