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    Find the best centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag (Visakhapatnam), Dr. C Vijay Kumar is one of the well-reputed names among the top cosmetologists in India. In his countless years of experience, his skills have proven to be ‘A Brush Of Perfection’. His aura and the way he approaches the patients is the major reason he has perfected many patients’ lives in different ways. The way he is dedicated to his work inspires patients to get inspired & feel good about themselves. His excellence knows no bounds as the trust shown in him by the international patients is the perfect example of his excellence and professionalism. His sharp eye and medical excellence will make you enjoy all the benefits of surgical & non-surgical cosmetic treatment options.

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    Money-Saving Service For You, ‘Don’t Think Twice'

    Laser Hair Removal

    Make the most of next-gen technology to remove the unwanted hair

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    Skin Lightening

    Skin lightening through the latest approach for clean & even skin tone

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    Permanent Tattoo Removal

    Do you have a tattoo that you regret? Get it removed safely

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    Skin Pigmentation

    Skin pigmentation will give you crystal clear skin & evident results

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    Get Quick Answer To Frequently Asked Questions

    • You must ask questions to the cosmetologist. No matter which procedure you want to get, for safety and success, all relevant concerns need to be addressed. Here are some of the questions which you need to know from the cosmetologist:

      • What’s your experience & education?
      • How do you give the treatment plan?
      • How often have you been doing the procedure
      • How do you determine the after-care plan?
    • At our clinic, we provide a wide range of skincare services to improve skin texture and quality. Our licensed dermatologists in Vizag will work closely with you to determine an innovative, individualized, and effective cosmetic approach for you. It’s even better when you get yourself the minimally invasive treatment plan as the results are effective and maintenance is much easier.

    • You will be given the desired treatment plan in the hospital setting, where everything is there to perform the procedure safely. The surgeon is going to ensure that you have a treatment plan which gives you effective and desired results.

    • As the availability of various cosmetic procedures is there, the doctor will check what is your body type, specific concern, and how severe the condition. Accordingly, the treatment cost is broken down to help you understand the way the procedure will work.

    • Almost all cosmetic procedures are safe as the treatment is done through the FDA-Approved Procedure. The chances of complications are rare, just make sure to follow all the suggestions given by the cosmetologists. The cosmetologists are well-aware of what will suit you the best to minimize the effect of risk.

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    Knowledge Is Experience & Perfect Example Of Mindful Approach

    Qualities of A Good Cosmetologist

    Consulting the cosmetologist as early as possible will give you a timely solution to your problems. As the cosmetologist is having expertise in this field so he is going to give you detailed information on what needs to be done next.

    Years of Expertise

    You know what it’s their expertise that also makes them stand out in every way possible. Dr. C Vijay Kumar is the perfect example of the same. His 40 years of experience tells how is the best and individuals put their trust in him to address all the skin issues.

    Ability to Detect The Right Solution

    You know that communication is the key to success and they are well-aware of how to understand the problem and accordingly suggest the solution. They have the understanding to point at a specific condition and suggest an effective treatment plan based on that.

    Education & Training

    Being educated and trained are the key to success and better results. Additionally, a profession is like that which suggests the individuals do best in everything. Additionally, they have medical licensing which is the key factor that shows they are experienced in what they do.


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