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    Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

    Don’t you think it will be a dream come true if you don’t have to worry about scheduling your appointment at the salon for waxing, threading, or any other sort of hair removal? UMm….What does that mean? Well! Laser treatment for body hair removal comes as an effective solution to get hair-free and have skin-like butter. At our clinic, you will be offered advanced and state-of-the-art technology for Laser Hair Removal in Vizag. If you would like to know about the Laser Hair Removal Cost in Visakhapatnam then our doctor is there to guide you through the treatment cost.

    Laser hair removal (LHR) – Advanced and Effective Treatment

    The term LASER stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The laser hair removal at our clinic is offered to the patients with the best-in-class technology where high-energy light beams are used which destroy the stem cells and the hair follicles present beneath the skin.

    The laser coming from the machine passes the light which focuses on the melanin pigment in the hair. It is the heat energy that targets the hair follicles, and this way future hair growth is prevented. Thankfully! To medical science, hair removal treatments in the present have advanced a lot and they can suit all hair and skin types. Let me sum it up for you…Hair-Free Skin is what you will have in the form of results!

    Important Points To Know

    • Painless procedure
    • Shave before the session (Ask the Doctor)
    • Avoid sun exposure
    • Stay hydrated
    • Do not pluck, wax, and bleach
    • Do not work out after the session

    What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment?

    Laser hair removal or LHR treatment is the best investment for those who are tired of wasting their time on traditional hair removal methods. What’s better than undergoing the treatment which can eliminate the hair growth and that too ‘Without causing any damage to the skin?’ It is all about making the practical decision that can save you money in the long run. Well! All that is possible with laser hair removal treatment.


    Is it safe to undergo laser hair removal?

    Safety! This is what all patients are worried about the most. If you have put your trust in us, we must give you the results you are expecting. With the use of advanced laser machines, hair removal is highly safe and it can be done on any sort of skin type.

    Let me take this moment and clear one more concern, ‘Is laser hair removal for both men and women?’ YES! Why Not?

    Be it, men or women, LHR is your ‘Gateway to smooth and supple skin.’ Based on your needs you can get the benefit of the following:

    • Chest, abdomen, and back hair removal
    • Arms and upper body hair removal
    • Bikini (private part/pubic) hair removal
    • Upper lip and chin hair removal
    • Leg hair removal
    • Full-body hair removal
    • Facial hair removal
    • Underarm hair removal

    How is the Laser hair removal procedure done?

    At our clinic, the LHR procedure is performed in the following steps:

    • Trained therapists will have the targeted area and then apply the cooling gel before starting the session.
    • The laser beam will be set by the dermatologists depending on, ‘What is your skin and hair type?’
    • The area of the laser hair removal will be targeted into different sections
    • The laser device is put over the area to be treated which allows the laser to target the hair follicles precisely.
    • For any sort of redness or discomfort, the doctor will ask you to apply a cold compress.
    • Following the session, you have to avoid the following:
    • Hot showers and steams
    • Excess sun exposure
    • Swimming
    • Shaving for a certain time

    Pro Tip: For best results and to avoid any sort of problem, always apply sunscreen to the treated areas.

    How much is the cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment in India?

    Along with safety, the cost is another concern among the patients. To give you peace of mind, the cost of laser hair removal treatment in India can be anywhere between Rs 1600 to Rs 30,000. Well! The variation in the cost is due to the area to be treated and many other possible factors. This is the reason, we don’t quote the exact figures as our dermatologist is the one who can tell you about the same. Some of the factors, which will fluctuate the treatment cost are:

    • Larger the area to be treated means an increase in cost
    • Additional sessions will come with additional cost
    • People with darker skin need to get more session
    • Doctor’s experience and skill
    • Clinic reputation
    • Use of technology and treatment

    *NOTE: For the exact price of the LHR, you should consult our dermatologists. Only after the consultation, you will be given a treatment plan and the exact amount which you have to pay for. 

    Does laser hair removal have any side effects?

    NO! There are not any sort of side effects with this procedure. Slight redness might be there after 30 minutes of getting the session.

    Is laser hair removal a one-time treatment?

    Well! That depends on the body area which has to be treated and it will be different from person to person. For example: If you are planning to get full body hair removal then you need to undergo more sessions as compared to someone who is planning to get upper lip and chin hair removal.

    Why choose VjCosmetology Clinics for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

    Here are some of the reasons that you should choose VjCosmetology Clinics For laser hair removal treatment:

    • Best treatment plan
    • Customized treatment
    • Pre-care guidance
    • One-on-one consultation to prepare for the session
    • After-care support & follow-ups
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    Nonika Marwaha, Bangalore

    Nonika Marwaha, Bangalore

    I was allured by the technique of hair removal, so I did some research and came across…... A few months back I decided to book my consultation for the same and let me tell you, it was the most delightful experience I ever had. I wanted to get facial hair removal and leg hair removal. The doctor talked me through the entire process on what to do before the treatment, and after the treatment. Within a few sessions, as told by the doctor I saw the results. Ladies! Why do you have to stick to the archaic options when you can get hair-free and smooth skin for life? Highly recommended to consult the doctor.