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    PRP Hair Loss Treatment In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    PRP for Hair Loss In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Normal hair loss is fine but as the condition keeps on progressing it can be a nightmare to deal with. Especially, going through severe hair loss in your 20s can come as a huge shock. But, you know what, planning for the Hair Loss Treatment in Vizag at the right time is going to help your condition to be in control.

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    With our team of hair experts, your aesthetic looks are not going to be compromised in any sense. All thanks to the innovative and new-fangled technology the problem of hair loss can be prevented on time.

    What do you need to know about hair loss?

    Normally, we lose 50 to 100 hair & these get replaced with new hair growth. Your hair growth is expected to occur in a cycle of 3 stages which includes:

    Anagen Phase Largest hair growth phase lasts for 2 to 5 years.
    Catagen Phase Intermediate stage & hair growth stops right away.
    Telogen Phase Hair falls out & there is a place for new hair to grow. Last for around 2 to 4 months & again it goes to the first stage.

    Hair loss treatment cost

    The major concern for the patients is the treatment cost. Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Visakhapatnam will depend on how much is the extent of hair loss, what is the current state, overall health, and different factors, which only & only a doctor can check. Talking about the PRP treatment then it takes around 2 to 3 sessions (As per the extent of hair loss the total sessions required can increase). On average, one session cost around Rs 3000/-. If there is any other treatment plan then the cost will vary. This is why we always suggest the patients consult the doctor and know better about the treatment cost.

    How do our doctors diagnose hair loss?

    We aim to just provide you with the finest solution for hair loss. Depending on your hair loss condition, your treatment plan for PRP: Hair Loss is customized. Here are some of the steps in which you can expect that your treatment will go:

    • Initial consultation with the doctor, where you need to talk about the medical history, extent of hair loss, lifestyle habits, any sort of illness, and whether you are currently going through a stressful phase.
    • Through the latest tools & technology, the scalp is checked, hair quality, and hair loss severity.
    • Later, blood tests are done to know better whether there are any nutritional problems & hormone changes the body is going through.
    • Accordingly, the treatment plan is made.

    Who is the ideal candidate for hair loss treatment?

    Ideally, patients above the age of 18 are suitable to get the treatment. Additionally, they should not have any sort of scalp problem, swelling, or irritation as it will impact the chances of seeing the desired results. If you wish to get PRP then you are the right fit for the treatment, if:

    • Not completely bald
    • Low-density hair
    • Do not drink, smoke, or use any sort of drug
    • Not facing any sort of medical issues like endocrine disorder or cancer
    • Not taking any type of blood thinners

    Is PRP treatment safe?

    YES! Undergoing the expertise of a doctor and with the right skillful approach, you can expect to have the best results. During the procedure, your blood is used which allows the hair to grow. There is no pain and minimum side effects.

    What are the results expected with PRP?

    Undergoing the PRP you can expect the best sort of results. There is a noticeable improvement in hair growth. The growth is natural which means you can style, dye, or use any sort of hair product you wish to. For improved hair density and thicker hair, this is the right treatment for you.

    How much does the one treatment session take & what is the expected downtime?

    Ideally, one session will take around 1 hour. Moreover, there is a ‘ZERO’ Downtime.

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    Surgeons with years of expertise

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    Trained & skillful staff and technician

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    Feasible treatment plan

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    Natural & Desired results

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    Janvi Makkar

    Janvi Makkar

    I scheduled a consultation for my mother with the doctor as she was experiencing severe hair loss. At first, we were concerned whether, in her 40s, she would be able to get the desired results or not. After the initial consultation, all our doubts were cleared and within no time the doctor proceeded with the treatment. Within a few sessions, the results were visible. Highly recommend consulting the doctor for hair loss treatment.