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    Mole Removal in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Mole Removal in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, What’s better than having a professional approach by your side for removing the unwanted mole? Our doctor and the entire team are here to give you the best & expected results for the Moles Removal in Vizag. Medically moles are known by the name of nevi & these are pigmented cells that occur on the skin as brown or black spots.

    *Although the condition of moles is not serious as they grow & the problem starts to get painful or itchy then you need to get medical assistance at the earliest. 

    Mole removal treatment cost

    One of the common concerns among the patients is Moles Removal Cost in Visakhapatnam. Talking about the cost, there is not a precise figure which can be put in front of you. Until the time you don’t consult the doctor, it’s not easy to tell about the cost. On average, the mole removal treatment cost is around Rs 10,000 to 30,000.

    How do you perform mole removal treatment?

    If your mole is not making you look beautiful then for aesthetic reasons it’s important to undergo the procedure. At our clinic, we ensure that the treatment is performed by a team of trained dermatologists who have got the experience to give you the best results. Additionally, we follow:

    • We provide the treatment plan through stringent practices and follow all the necessary guidelines which are the reason for getting effective results.
    • At our clinic, we have all the necessary facilities to ensure you feel the utmost comfort, as you are our top priority.
    • We make sure to do the mole removal treatment with an individualized consultation, which is the reason every client will have the best results.

    Are moles harmless?

    Moles are of different types and they are not harmless or painful. Although, they are not cosmetically appealing & this is the reason individuals seek medical assistance to get it removed.

    When are the chances of moles appearing the highest?

    Usually, they occur in adulthood and you may be around 10 to 40 moles. It is possible the mole disappeared on their own and some might take a different color instead of black or brown.

    How are moles formed?

    Moles are formed when the cells called melanocytes occur at one place and they form a group on one body part. In appearance, they are flat or protruding.

    Is the mole removal procedure painful?

    No matter which approach is used by our dermatologist it is done without any pain. Initially, local anesthesia is applied which allows the procedure to be done with as much ease as possible.

    Can mole removal be done for large moles?

    YES! It can be done, but in such cases, a deep surgical plan is made. In such cases, the sutures are used to remove the mole.

    How much is the downtime after mole removal?

    At Least 7 to 10 days are needed for you to recover. Just make sure to do what the doctor says.

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    If you are dealing with the same situation then better schedule your initial consultation with our dermatologists and get yourself a customized mole removal treatment plan.

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    Darpesh Sahani

    Darpesh Sahani

    In my adulthood, I faced the problem of moles, and all of a sudden it started to result in pain & itching. As it started to get difficult for me to manage it, I consulted Dr. C Vijay Kumar to undergo the mole removal treatment. Last year my friend got permanent tattoo removal from him as he was extremely satisfied with the results, so he suggested I consult him. It’s right to say that I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you to the doctor & the entire team.