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    Skin Lightening Treatment In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Skin Lightening Treatment In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Even skin tone and radiant complexion…Do you desire the same? But, we know due to sun damage, ageing, pollution, lifestyle choice, dietary habits, and many other factors you will have a dull complexion. At our clinic, Skin Lightening Treatment in Vizag is available for you with advanced medical procedures. All the procedures are FDA-approved to make sure you feel the utmost comfort and safety while getting the treatment.

    Skin Lightening Treatment – Safe and Effective option

    VJ’s Cosmetology Clinic – One-stop solution for all your skin needs. With the treatment offered by our clinic for Skin Lightening Treatment, you can reduce any form of pigmentation, age spots, blemishes, or any skin problem.

    Do you know?

    Skin gets darker skin as it loses its ability to repair it on its own. The darker skin you notice is all because melanin gets accumulated on the skin’s upper layer. 

    How much is the cost of skin lightening treatment in India?

    On average, the skin-lightening treatment will cost you between Rs 1800 to Rs 40,000. It depends on which skin-lightening option you are choosing. So, you will get to know about the Skin Lightening Treatment Cost in Visakhapatnam depending on what procedure you are going for. Are you thinking, why do the prices vary? Here are some of the reasons for the same:

    • The cost is different for every individual because a customized approach is used by considering the client’s skin type and needs.
    • The area to be treated is kept in mind as a larger area will cost you more money.
    • The cosmetic surgeon experience, clinic location, equipment used, treatment types, and the total number of sessions required will add up to the treatment cost.

    What are the skin-lightening treatment options?

    Different skin-lightening treatment options are there to give you the best results. Depending on what are your needs the doctor will help you make the right choice to address the concern you have. Here are some of the best and effective skin lightening treatment options:

    • Chemical Peel For Lightening Skin

    A chemical peel is one of the best choices and is gaining huge demand among dermatologists. During the chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied which contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) which are taken from natural sources. With these, the skin upper layer is exfoliated

    The chemical peel is a great choice to take away the melanin buildup on the skin, and this way healthy tissues will appear on the body. Some of the benefits offered by the chemical peel are:

    • Even skin tone
    • Reduce dark spots
    • Reduce tan
    • Reduces facial blemishes

    What are the types of a chemical peel?

    A chemical peel is of 3 types:

    • Light chemical peel
    • Deep chemical peel
    • Medium chemical peel
    • Laser Treatment For Skin Lightening

    Laser treatment is a highly safe and effective option for individuals looking for skin-lightening options. As the name suggests, a laser beam is used which works effectively to reduce the melanin buildup. So, it will take away the remnants of the pigments.

    And after that, you will see healthier and brighter skin & you will have flawless skin. It is also known by the name of laser abrasion or laser peel.

    Are the results of skin lightening treatment permanent?

    The results of the skin lightening treatment will last for a few months to a few years. Our dermatologists will give you the necessary instruction and a few tips to manage the results for longer, which includes:

    • Follow a healthy routine
    • Make sure to wear sunscreen, every day
    • Follow the skin-care routine
    • Visit for the follow-up sessions

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    Countless Years of Experience

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    FDA-Approved Procedure

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    World-Class Solutions For Glowing Skin

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    Dimple Kaur

    Dimple Kaur

    I tried all sorts of home remedies for pigmentation, but nothing worked out for me. My friend has always praised Dr. C Vijay Kumar and how he has the utmost experience in different cosmetic treatment options. I decided to schedule a consultation with him. He suggested a customized treatment plan for the same. Within no time, I saw a drastic improvement in my skin texture and the way it felt. Highly recommend!