Hair Transplant

Are the results of hair transplantation permanent? Do these get affected with age?

Every individual is supposed to suffer from baldness even once in their lifetime. Some people suffer early while others suffer late. But what if you start getting bothered with this condition in your youth? Then you will feel embarrassed as our society judges people based on their looks and hair contributes to almost 65% of overall looks. So the people after ascertaining whether they could afford the hair transplant cost in Vizag, consider undergoing the surgical procedure. Hair transplant in Vizag is the best and the result-oriented procedure of today’s time. 

Today we are going to discuss one of the majorly asked questions about hair transplants. 

Can The Results Of The Hair Transplant Procedure Enjoy For A Long Time? 

The results of the hair transplantation procedure last for a longer time. Because of the long-lasting nature of the results, these are deemed to be permanent. 


What Does The Mechanism Of The Hair Transplantation Procedure Involve? 

The mechanism of the hair transplantation procedure involves the attraction of the hair grafts with the help of the micrografting procedure. Once extracted, the hair follicles are sent to the lab for getting observations of whether these contain the required characteristics or not. Afterwards, these are intended to be implanted in the scalp. 


Can You Become Bald Owing To The Age-related Changes Even After Undergoing The Hair Transplantation Procedure? 

Yes, you may experience mild balding owing to age-related changes. Bt do not worry, this balding would be minimum and would not cause you with the excessive affect to your overall emergence of the scalp 


How Can You Make Your Hair Transplantation Procedure A Success? 

You can contribute to making your hair transplantation procedure a success by following the instructed measures before and after the procedures. The doctor is supposed to guide you with the points which you are required to carry out when you are preparing for the procedure. Also more than following the preparatory measures, it is essential that you pay attention to all the post-operative measures. 


What Is The Essential Thing About The Hair Transplantation Procedure? 

You must keep up with realistic expectations. If your expectations are not realistic, then you may end up getting frustrated and disappointed. So it’s better to limit your expectations. 

To know what your expectations ought to be, you should consult the cosmetic surgeon before the procedure and ask similar questions. 


What Is The Importance Of Diet In The Success Of The Procedure? 

The diet plan is the crucial thing that matters a lot as far as the success of the hair transplantation procedure is concerned. The intake of healthy food items and supplements are necessary for the success of the procedure.

The diet plan can work best if you avoid certain things. For example The consumption of alcohol and cigarettes should be completely prohibited.

Hair Transplant

Understanding Hair Restoration: The Procedure And After Effects

When regaining a fuller head of hair, many people turn to hair transplant procedures as a long-lasting solution. These procedures are gaining popularity, especially in countries like India, where skilled cosmetic surgeons in India excel in providing natural-looking results. In this blog, we’ll break down the basics of hair restoration, exploring the procedure, potential complications, and tips for a smooth recovery.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is akin to a magical transformation for your hair! In this surgical procedure, hair follicles, typically sourced from the back or sides of your scalp, are strategically relocated to areas experiencing thinning or balding. This permanent solution to hair loss has gained popularity in India, where cosmetic surgeons are renowned for their expertise in creating a remarkably natural appearance. Understanding how your genes influence hair loss is important in determining the success and longevity of this transformative process.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The two main methods involved in hair transplant procedures are FUT and FUE. In FUT, a piece of skin is taken from the donor area and hair follicles are placed in balding areas. However, FUE is very detailed since each hair follicle is removed and implanted.

Depending on your hair type and level of hair loss, you can choose the FUT or FUE methods. Cosmetic surgeons in India may help you decide which way to go for this surgery.

Hair Transplant: Complications

Like any surgery, there can be some issues with a hair transplant in India. Knowing about them is important so you can make a smart choice.


After a hair transplant, your scalp might swell up a bit, a normal occurrence typically observed a few days post-surgery. Advice for getting a hair transplant includes using cold packs and prescribed medication to alleviate swelling, with the reassuring note that this temporary condition typically resolves within a week.


Your scalp might get itchy as the new hair follicles settle in. It’s important not to scratch to avoid harming the newly transplanted hair. Cosmetic surgeons in India often provide tips and special creams to help with the itching.


At times after the operation, your scalp may become somewhat numb. This occurs due to the surgery’s effects on your nerves. Still, you need not worry as, with time, this sensation returns slowly within weeks or months until its normality again prevails. Just wait!


You might feel slightly uncomfortable after the surgery, but it shouldn’t be too painful. If you’re in a lot of pain, talk to your surgeon. They can give you medicine to help you feel better. Similarly, when preparing for laser hair removal, it’s important to follow some steps to ensure a comfortable experience and optimal results.

Scalp Blemishes

After a hair transplant in India, you might notice scabs or redness on your scalp. These usually go away with time, especially if you follow your surgeon’s care instructions.


While deciding on getting a hair transplant is difficult, knowing what happens during the procedure and being prepared for any problems can make it less difficult. Those considering VJ’s Cosmetology Clinic must consult a cosmetic surgeon about having a hair transplant. The correct method and adhering to post-operative care instructions will ensure you get natural-looking results and feel better about yourself afterwards.

Hair Transplant

How Genetics Affect Balding?

You might have noticed people that are the same in age. However, one has a head full of hair, and the other one has a visible balding hairline. One of the reasons for this baldness can be your genes can be treated through a hair transplant in India, but the question is how genetics can play a role in balding?. 

What Are Hair Genetics?

Hair genetics are the genetics that you inherit from your parents, which influence the condition of your hair. Genetics not only determines what colour of texture your hair is going to get but also determines when and why you may start to lose hair. 

Hair loss that takes place due to a gene variant can be inherited from any of your parents. The inherited genes then decide the fate of your hair. 

In case a number of your family members have been struggling with hair loss, then you might consider checking up on your hair’s health and opt for measures such as hair loss treatment in Vizag in order to prevent your head from baldness. 

When you have a comprehensive understanding of the genetic condition of your hair, it helps you to decide on the measures that would be beneficial for the health of your hair and give you a solution to prevent hair loss. 

The Role Of Hormones

Genes are not the only ones responsible for your hair loss. The hormones, along with the genes, contribute a lot to turning your full hair head into a bald one. A form of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone is often responsible for hair loss. 

Increased levels of DTH results in miniaturisation of hair follicles. This makes the hair more short, thin and fragile. Testosterone is present in both men and women and therefore, both can experience hair loss. Opting for a hair transplant in India can help you get through the problem of extreme baldness. 

When you are aware of your hormones, along with the genetics that can lead to hair loss, you can find a more appropriate solution for this problem based on your understanding.

Managing Genetic Hair Loss

Being aware of your family history as well as hormonal imbalances that lead to hair loss can help you find solutions that are suitable to manage hair loss. 

There are some measures that you can take in order to prevent hair loss and avoid baldness. These measures include:

  • Indulging yourself in activities that lead to stress relief. 
  • Switch to a healthy diet that can provide enough required for the good health of your hair.
  • Use shampoos and other tropical therapies that can help to slow down the loss of hair. 

In case you have already reached the condition of extreme baldness, you can contact a hair restoration therapist for hair loss treatment in Vizag. The therapist would suggest to you the hair loss treatments that would suit your condition the best. 

Before opting for hair transplant treatment in India or taking any other measures, it is essential to know the major cause of hair loss. Also, it is important to note that any medications or steps to slow down hair loss should be taken under the guidance of a hair restoration professional.

Cosmetic Surgery Hair Transplant

Which questions do people often raise while meeting the hair transplant surgeon?

Losing hair may become very painful, primarily when masses deal with immense hair fall. It confers them heavy stress because hair plays a significant role in every person’s overall appearance. Constantly falling hair hits their scalp and affects their external personality. This is why individuals often seek remedies that bless their less hair scalp or bald scalp with healthy and thick hairs. So, to fulfil their wish, the Hair Transplant in Vizag brings new hair transplant techniques such as FUT, FUE, etcetera to extract natural-looking and thick hairs.

Define hair transplant surgery

To be precise, as its name suggests, it is a surgical procedure that comes into action to regain hair on your hairless scalp or in the place of bald patches. The whole process is performed by a well-experienced and qualified surgeon to extract more precise results after having this operation.

Before opting for this surgery, first of all, a patient has to pass different medical tests and checkups to check whether you are a good candidate for this procedure or not. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, your operational appointment will book for the particular day. During this process, a doctor first retrieves donor hair follicles from the backside of your head to cover (to stitch) the bald area on your scalp with the help of a particular needle or suture.

How long does it take to receive the hair restoration surgery?

Hair recovery is lengthy, and people must be patient while passing through this phase. For full-fledged recovery, it takes approximately eight to ten months. So, people must carefully follow every instruction given by their hair expert. They also should take proper medications and do’s and don’ts during their recovery process. Additionally, they must meet their hair expert once a month during their recovery period to check whether everything is alright.

Is hair transplant plastic surgery?

This question is often asked by people when they opt for hair transplantation and also ask how much time it will take to confer results and how effective it is. Well, to obtain that, the patient must look for a hair transplant surgeon who will be able to execute whole surgery without having any hassle. Hair transplant is plastic surgery; do not go for anyone who does not qualify for cosmetic surgery in their pocket. You must investigate their educational and experience certificates and how qualified they are before stepping ahead with the process of hair loss cure.

Besides this, are you unhappy with your facial features? Or do you want to turn your body features as per your satisfaction? Then, why don’t you opt for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag under the surveillance of well-experienced and intelligent cosmetic surgeons?


Hair Transplant

Which one should you choose, a hair transplant surgeon or a technician?

Plan hair transplant surgery with ease

When you are planning hair transplant surgery, it’s important to take every step with utmost caution. Whether it’s planning the surgery, aftercare, understanding the cost, or any other thing. One of the important is finding an experienced health expert who can perform the surgery with utmost ease. It’s all about proper planning and care and selecting a reliable surgeon to do the treatment of Hair Transplant in Vizag. There’s a possibility that if someone is getting the surgery for the first time, they don’t have a proper understanding and get confused about whom to choose for the right hair care regime.

What’s the role of consulting a good technician?

  • The expertise of the technicians is a fruitful way to change everything. Most importantly, they are the ones who get the surgery done within the required time period.
  • The experienced technicians make sure the grafts are out of the body for a shorter time period. This small yet important part plays an important part in increasing success.
  • The skilled technicians all have the optimum and right approach to make things work effectively in the hair transplant. All the small yet vital factors play a crucial role in increasing the success rate of hair transplants.
  • With the assistance of a skilled hair transplant surgeon, you will have an extremely enjoyable experience. Most importantly the comfort level is top-notch that plays an essential role to make this journey seamless and smooth for you.

When you get the treatment under the supervision of an experienced hair transplant surgeon, there’s a proper understanding of the treatment journey from start to end. Be it before care or after care; the experienced hair transplant surgeon makes the entire journey go in the right direction.

What if a hair transplant technician performs the surgery?

If you are looking for a skin specialist to treat your acne, then you will consult a dermatologist. No one would make the mistake of going to a local beauty parlour as it has a high chance of making the situation worse. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t make the mistake of getting a hair transplant with the assistance of a hair technician, as it won’t let you enjoy the appropriate results. Here are some of the major reasons for the same:

  • The hair technician doesn’t have enough experience to perform the surgery with ease. It’s just like they are trained but not up to the extent to perform the surgery.
  • Don’t have the desired level of medical school training to perform the hair transplant surgery.
  • The technicians don’t have the license to perform the hair transplant.
  • Don’t have the legal practice to break the skin.
  • Not having the understanding to use the necessary medical equipment and handle all the necessary complications that might occur during the surgery.
Hair Loss Hair Transplant

Which are the two most effective hair loss treatment options in 2022?

Which is the most effective hair loss treatment?

Are you losing hair?

Is it making you stressed?

Is hair loss making you lose your confidence?

Have you tried all the possible over-the-counter hair loss medications?

First of all…Take a deep breath!

It’s time to understand that you haven’t tried the most effective hair loss treatment under the expertise of a Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag. Do you know what I am talking about?

The answer to the same is Hair Transplant in Vizag and PRP Therapy.

Both these treatment options are one of the most effective options in the hair restoration industry and seeking a lot of attention as the suitable and appropriate Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag to make a lot of difference in the patient’s hair loss state. Let’s make you all familiar with both these treatment options so that you get to make appropriate choices accordingly.

Hair transplant treatment

Hair transplant treatment gives natural-looking and permanent hair growth. So, don’t you think it’s appropriate to reap all its necessary benefits considering the way it works? Note that losing hair loss and then losing confidence should not continue your entire life. Seeking a necessary treatment plan on time ensures that hair loss is well-addressed.

During a hair transplant, hair follicles extraction and hair graft placement are performed under the expertise of renowned hair restoration surgeons. Additionally, the doctor will choose the method between FUE and FUT to effectively transplant hair grafts on problematic parts.

In some cases, FUE and FUT are combined to ensure patients seek necessary results. The said approach is beneficial in those cases where hair loss is at an extreme stage. Following a hair transplant, the necessary results are seen within 8 to 12 months. After the surgery, the utmost important part is to follow all the necessary suggestions shared by your hair restoration surgeon to ensure the best results are obtained. Moreover, one session is enough to give the necessary results in most cases.

PRP therapy for hair loss

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, in which blood is taken from the patient’s arm and then processed further. Afterward, the platelets are extracted as they have the features to help in increasing hair growth. PRP therapy takes around 2 to 3 sessions to see necessary differences.

In some cases, the hair restoration surgeon can combine it with hair transplant treatment to make the results better by all means. The necessary results are obtained at the said time to make a difference in the hair loss state.

Are you wondering which hair loss treatment option to opt for?

Don’t worry! Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to analyze effectively which treatment plan is most effective for your condition. You are in a better state of managing everything, and your lost confidence is regained. So, plan for desired hair loss treatment to improve and enhance your appearance.

Hair Transplant

How long does it take for the hair grafts to set after a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant recovery is the most crucial step toward success

When we talk about graft survival and its placement, the critical factor is to ensure everything is set in correctly. Doing so will ensure that the graft placement is carried out in the most manner and the desired hair growth is obtained, which you are looking for. When you plan to get the Hair Transplant in Punjab, it’s essential to consult one of the known hair restoration surgeons who are well aware of the entire process and what the approach is all about.

Follow all the suggestions after undergoing a hair transplant

Once you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Vizag, the recovery requires utmost care and planning. Most importantly, you need to follow all the necessary suggestions shared by your hair restoration surgeon. Right after the surgery, you need to give yourself at least 10 to 14 days to be sure graft placement is done effectively. Don’t try to put any pressure on the scalp or do something that triggers a problem in the given time frame. Some of the utmost tips that are worth considering after undergoing hair transplant treatment are:

  • In case bandages are placed, make sure that you get them removed with the doctor’s expertise.
  • While washing your hair, make sure that you are gentle with your hair care regime. You don’t have to be harsh with your hair, whether it’s washing or conditioning.
  • As mentioned above, at least two weeks are needed to take the best care of your hair grafts.

Most importantly!

Being aware of everything is essential before the surgery starts. Under this scenario, the initial consultation is when you can seek every piece of information, be it about the Hair Transplant Cost or any other information related to the treatment.

Do all transplanted hair grafts grow?

After the initial few days of getting a hair transplant, it’s obvious to notice the hair fall. Most importantly, you need to be cautious about this period to ensure proper care is taken. Understand that studies have shown that the hair grafts survival rate goes up to 90%, which automatically makes hair restoration one of the most successful treatment plans. It’s all about taking the best care after the surgery to ensure desired results are obtained.

Are there any factors that affect the hair grafts survival rate?

Undoubtedly, under expert supervision, the procedure gets completed with utmost ease and perfection. If you don’t consider seeking assistance from an experienced surgeon or try to avoid the same, there will be a problem. Considering the same, there are a few factors that might affect the hair graft survival rate:

  • Donor scalp issues
  • Surgery day conditions
  • physical damage to the grafts
  • Dehydration
  • Surgical technique used
  • Blunt trauma
  • Ischemia-reperfusion injury
  • Graft storage issues
Hair Transplant

Hair transplant: What should you not do while washing your hair after surgery?

Hair loss is one of the common concerns noticed in men and women. Irrespective of age, the problem is likely to trigger and affect self-confidence. To deal with the hair loss problem, there’s an option of Hair Transplant in Vizag. You must have heard about the same from someone you know who cannot stop blabbering about, ‘How beneficial the hair transplant is?’

Hair transplant is one of the effective hair restoration treatments that work by transplanting hair grafts from the back of the scalp and then transplanting them to where hair growth is less. Under the expertise of a Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag, the surgery is done in the most precise manner to ensure you get the most suitable results. But, yes, it’s also important when you get the hair transplant surgery: Always follow the before and aftercare guidelines shared by the surgeon to seek the ultimate benefits of hair transplant.

One of the important parts of a hair transplant is hair wash. Being a Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag, which is highly successful and works effectively, it’s important that you are careful about how hair wash is done. It might seem easy to wash your hair, but you have to be careful in all the possible ways. There are a few hair wash mistakes that most individuals make, and you mustn’t repeat the same. Otherwise, the final results of the surgery are affected.

Haircare mistakes that you should not make after a hair transplant

Don’t do: Wash hair too frequently or take a long time to wash

Hair wash after hair transplant surgery should not be delayed or done too early. After the surgery, you must keep the scalp clean. So, for a healthy scalp, you have to follow the simple practice of washing your hair at the said time told by your surgeon.

Also, make sure that you use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. Always use the gentle one, and does not have any kind of harmful chemical in it. If you are not sure which one to use, then take assistance from a medical expert to suggest you the right one.

Don’t do: Using too hot water for hair wash

Even if you like hot showers, you need to keep control over your habit after a hair transplant. Even normally, this practice is not good for hair health. If you want, you can use lukewarm water to wash your hair. But, in the end, always wash your hair with cold water to keep the moisture intact in hair locks.

Don’t do: Forgetting conditioner

Conditioner is like your hair best friend. So, with every hair wash, you have to apply a generous amount of conditioner. But, make sure that you do not leather it on the top of the scalp because the condition should be applied on the below part of the hair to the roots.



Hair Transplant

Can hair transplant surgery be classified as Cosmetic or plastic surgery?

Has it ever happened to you while deciding on a treatment plan? You think, ‘Is it cosmetic or plastic surgery or not?’ No doubt we are living in the 21st century, but still, there’s a lot of confusion among individuals about whether plastic surgery is worth getting or not. The confusion is not just that, but there are concerns about whether anyone can perform the Hair Transplant in Vizag and give the desired results as expected. Let’s discuss the same in detail.

What is the primary purpose of hair transplant treatment?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive and safe approach that gains attention among individuals struggling with hair loss. During the hair transplant, hair follicles help the bald spots have required hair growth again. The experienced and skilled Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag customized the treatment based on your current hair loss condition and by checking the total number of hair grafts required. The way hair grafts are transplanted will give you a healthier-looking appearance, and it is going to address the problem of hair loss.

Although, it is performed without the need for general anesthesia, and it is an outpatient method. The latest hair transplant treatment options make it all effective and best.

How does hair transplant work?

During a hair transplant, the hair grafts are extracted & transplanted through the use of 2 methods (The doctor will suggest to you the one which seems right for your hair loss condition). The two main methods of hair transplant are:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – Hair grafts are extracted one by one
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) – Hair grafts are removed in a strip

The success of a hair transplant is going to depend a lot on the surgeon skills

Being a surgical procedure, your major concern is to get a hair transplant with the best results and a high success rate. The problem is genuine whether the hair regrowth will be the same as the existing hair or not? Will it give a younger-looking appearance or not? It’s like combining all the necessary factors is essential to keep in mind.

This Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag can only be performed by experts who know the minute details of the treatment and how the hair grafts have to be transplanted in the desired position. So, the expertise of the medical expert has a vital role to play in the same.

Expertise of many years makes the surgery go with ease

The expertise combined with skills makes a lot of difference. One such name in performing successful hair restoration surgery is given to Dr. C Vijay Kumar, who has experience of +40 years. He is well-versed with the minutest details of performing hair transplant surgery and giving the patient the desired results.




Cosmetic Surgery Hair Transplant

How is Platelet-rich plasma and hair transplant the best choice for Alopecia?

PRP treatment for Alopecia Patients

Platelet Rich Plasma has slowly started to gain that attention among the individuals dealing with hair loss. The platelets are structured elements that are the peripheral blood & there is no presence of cell nuclei in this condition. There are several platelets present in the blood known for functioning in different ways, and its effectiveness can be significantly seen. Moreover, there is even factor of migration and bone marrow-origin cells which begin to get into the angiogenesis territory,

Platelets are filled with several growth factors, and then the added factor of concentration makes them have all the necessary special features. So, PRP is one of the great options for individuals looking for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag to address hair loss.

During PRP, the blood is extracted from the vein, and then it is spun in the machine, referred to as a centrifuge. The integral approach allows the platelets to get separated, which is beneficial to result in hair growth. The doctor will inject the blood into the desired area of the scalp to result in hair growth.

Hair transplant: Treatment for Alopecia Patient

Hair Transplant in Vizag is another excellent option for patients losing hair follicles. During the surgery, the hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is less. The doctor is going to choose the method between FUE and FUT which works best for your hair loss condition. The treatment is customized depending on your situation, as the same doctor will diagnose during the initial consultation. Here is some information regarding both the treatment options so that you can make the desired choice:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

During FUE, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the back of the scalp and then transplanted back to the area where hair growth is less.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

During FUT, a strip of hair graft is extracted from the part which is not affected by DHT and then transplanted to where hair growth is less. The strip is dissected into small pieces so that it’s easier to cover the desired area.

When you plan to get the hair transplant surgery, make sure that you consult one of the known Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag who will give you a personalized solution to deal with the condition.

Combined approach: FUE and Hair Transplant

If hair loss is severe, then hair transplant and PRP treatment are combined to make the results better. You can talk to the doctor about the same if your preference is to get them connected for having the necessary results.

Schedule your initial consultation

Under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar, you will get the finest solutions to deal with this condition in the most feasible manner.