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    Stretch Mark Treatment in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Stretch Mark Treatment in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, What do you think if someone says stretch marks? No doubt every person thinks differently and they consider it as a sign of beauty. On the other hand, some consider it as embarrassing, ugliest, and unsightly marks. The stretch marks can occur on any body part like lower back, breasts, buttocks, upper arms, thighs, tummy, and other areas. But, do you know what, you can get rid of stretch marks. It’s important that you feel confident about yourself.

    All thanks to the medical advancement, you can benefit yourself greatly through the Stretch Mark Treatment in Vizag. 

    Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Cost

    Stretch Mark Treatment Cost in Visakhapatnam is going to depend on where the stretch mark is and how much it is. To talk about the precise amount is not possible, till the time you don’t consult the doctor. On an average, the stretch mark removal treatment cost between Rs 3500 to Rs 6000.

    What are the causes of stretch marks?

    The stretch marks occur due to different causes like weight gain, pregnancy, adolescent growth, genetics, and spurts. Be it teens or adults, both are expected to face this problem.

    Why do stretch marks occur?

    Stretch marks can occur due to different reasons. The stretch mark occurs when the collagen breaks down and elastin fibers get expanded towards the body tissues. It’s possible that they are red or pink lines which strat to get white or silver in color.

    Which treatment plan do you suggest to get rid of stretch marks?

    Be it men or women, both can be greatly benefited by undergoing the laser treatment. It’s way better than the conventional treatment plan in a number of ways. Through the laser resurfacing as you begin to get the session the stretch mark is going to fade away. Additionally, it will promote the collagen production in the body which is the reason new skin is formed.

    How much does one session of stretch mark removal take?

    Around 30 to 40 minutes are needed for each session.

    How is laser treatment best for stretch mark removal?

    Being an improved medical treatment plan it works best in all ways and it is right to say it is highly effective. You can get back to your daily routine on time & it is not invasive at all. If you compare the laser with other surgery, then there are less side effects with the inventive approach.

    How soon can I see the results?

    The skin texture is toned down & improvement is seen within 3 to 6 months. Just make sure that you do as the doctor tells you to.

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    Mohini Miglani

    Mohini Miglani

    I had stretch marks on different body parts & specially after my baby was born, they were more apparent. So, I did some research on how to get rid of them safely. I came across Dr. C Vijay Kumar who is an excellent medical healthcare provider. I decided to schedule my consultation with him. He suggested a treatment plan which effectively reduced my stretch mark. I would highly recommend everyone who wants to get stretch marks removed should consult him.