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    Dull Skin Treatment from Best Skin Clinic in Vizag

    To make your skin have that glow and shine, it needs commitment and the right approach. If you have dull skin, then you need to take into account the effective treatment plan to get the desired results. ‘YOUR SKIN MATTERS’ and that is all you have to keep in mind.

    What does dull skin can be defined as?

    In your head, the concern must be, ‘Why does it happen?’ The likelihood of such issues increases with improper lifestyle, polluted environment, dietary choices, and much more are the reasons a person has dull skin. Fret not, our specialized team of doctors at Vjs Cosmetology Clinic, one of the best skin clinic in Vizag use advanced options for the Dull Skin Treatment is the road for you to have flawless and perfect skin.

    Dull Skin Treatment Cost 

    As you age, the skin will show evident signs of dullness. When you visit our clinic, the doctor will give you the treatment plan only after checking your condition. Dull Skin Treatments Cost in Visakhapatnam will depend on what is your concern & what results you are expecting to have. If we talk about the average cost and per session cost, here is the breakdown of what you can expect:

    • Radiance Peel – Rs 2000/- Per Session
    • Laser Toning – Rs 7500/- Per Session

    Withal, the cost factor is termed as subjective as the doctor will check during the initial consultation:

    • The skin area needs to be treated
    • Total Number of sessions
    • Underlying skin issues
    • Your skin type
    • At present, if there is any health issue

    Few sessions to feel good about your skin

    Are you thinking about, ‘How many sessions are required for dull skin treatment?’ At least 6 to 8 sessions are needed for you to see the results. Additionally, other factors will determine better the total session count like:

    • Skin type
    • Skin condition
    • Age
    • Any sort of health issue
    • Area to be treated

    Is it safe to undergo dull skin treatment?

    The dull skin treatment is 100% safe as this technology comes under the USFDA approach. No matter which skin type you have, you can get the most benefit out of it.

    When can I expect to see the results?

    Talking about the prominent changes, it takes around 2 sessions to see the results. To get the desired results, you should visit all the scheduled treatment sessions & do as the doctor told you in the initial consultation.

    Does dull skin treatment leave permanent results?

    Like everybody, if you are looking for long-lasting results, then this is the best choice for you. The doctor will do his or her job, but you need to attend all the sessions & visit for the scheduled appointment.

    *Important Note

    When your skin undergoes certain psychological or biological changes, then there is a need for you to consult the doctor to get the treatment again. If you keep that aside, the results are extremely effective as to what is said to give you in the end. 

    Dull Skin Treatment options 

    Our dermatologist has all the right treatment options and techniques to help your dull skin look as bright as possible. For your understanding we have broken down the treatment options:

    • Soft tissue fillers: Soft tissue fillers are put into the problematic skin surface for addressing the major concerns like Restoring the hollowed eyes & cheeks, decreasing acne & surgical scars, filling in the vertical lines, and so on. If you want you can get the hyaluronic acid as it adds in volume and even reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Chemical peels: Chemical peels are the best choice to make the outer skin look smooth. As per your skin concern, you can opt for the desired chemical peel as they are available in different intensity. With each, the results are different. Choosing this option is going to address many skin concerns.
    • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is another approach for removing uneven skin. It comes under that technique which is comfortable & if you are someone who wants to get such treatment for the first time. Although, the desired results will not last for more than 5 days.
    • Microneedling: Microneedling is performed through instruments that have sharp needles & you won’t have pain with it. The injuries are for that much time the collagen & elastic is triggered.

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    Are you facing the trouble of dull skin? Don’t think there is no solution for the same. Schedule your initial consultation with our dermatologist and get yourself the benefit of inventive treatment options.

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    Darpan Jain

    Darpan Jain

    As my job is to stay outdoors most of the time, which started affecting my skin. I am in my 30s but my skin started to make me look like I am in my 50s. I decided to get the treatment from VJ's Cosmetology Clinic. During the initial consultation, the doctor asked me about what concern I wanted to address and accordingly suggested the best approach. I am highly satisfied with the results.