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    Permanent Tattoo Removal in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Affordable Cost Tattoo Removal in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Is there any tattoo that you wish to get clear to have fair skin? Does your profession not allow you to have a tattoo?, or Do you want to remove your current tattoo to get a new one?

    Permanent Tattoo Removal is the answer to your problem. But, you know various things have to be kept in mind for planning your permanent tattoo removal in Vizag. You might think, ‘Why this procedure only?’ Let me tell you the other methods can leave scarring or pain, which you don’t wish to get.

    Permanent tattoo removal cost

    Permanent Tattoo Removal Cost in Visakhapatnam will depend on the tattoo size, its pigment, and contrast between the skin. On average, the tattoo removal cost is around Rs 1000 to Rs 30,000 per session. To know about the actual amount you should schedule your initial consultation with our medical professional.

    Which is the safest method for tattoo removal?

    LASER is the safest and best method for permanent tattoo removal. Our trained team of doctors and with the improved technology, your tattoo will be removed. Talking about the results, then the professionals will consider the size, location, color, and the way the laser needs to be applied. What’s better than minimal scarring and a safe procedure?

    What happens before the tattoo removal?

    The medical professional will consider the type of laser that needs to be used and how much your body can sustain it. Moreover, the use of anesthesia is eliminated for most patients. It is possible on the area to be treated, pain tolerance level, & tattoo type, the topical anesthetic cream is used.

    Is laser tattoo removal painful?

    NO! You can expect slight discomfort which goes away after the procedure but there is not any such pain. Withal, the skin is not even damaged due to the laser which might happen with other removal procedures available in the market.

    How does a laser remove the tattoo safely?

    With the tattoo removal laser is used which spreads a pulse that allows the white blood cells to get destroyed. The laser targets the ink which gradually makes the ink fade away.

    Are there any side effects after the procedure?

    Certain individuals have said they noticed darkening or lightening on the treated area. Although, within 6 months the skin gets back to normal. Being a medical procedure, the redness is common which usually goes away within a few days. You have to make sure that you are following all the advice shared by your doctor, like applying sunscreen daily.

    How many sessions are needed to remove the tattoo?

    For the desired results it will take several visits. Just one or 2 sittings will not show you the results. The process takes time, so you have to attend every sitting on time as scheduled by the doctor.

    Do I need to take any measures after the procedure?

    Aftercare is important & here is what you have to do:

    • Apply a cold compress for 24 hours
    • Do not take a hot shower for a few days
    • Do not make your skin get exposed to the sun
    • Redness and swelling is normal, take the measures as suggested by the doctor

    Schedule your initial consultation

    To get more information about permanent tattoo removal, schedule your initial consultation with our doctor to better understand what next has to be done.

    Permanent Tattoo Removal
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    Manav Singla

    Manav Singla

    I always regretted one tattoo which I had on my arm and wanted to get rid of the same. By doing enough research I came across Dr. C Vijay Kumar. Throughout the entire procedure the doctor ensured I had proper clarity about everything. Trust me I didn't even realize how the entire procedure got done. All thanks to Dr. C Vijay Kumar I got the best results with permanent tattoo removal.