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    Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

    Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Vizag, Do you want to get rid of the skin discolouration and pigmentation? At our clinic, we have got everything sorted for you. The road to having an even skin tone is easy to do so; by consulting our experienced team of dermatologists.

    Skin Pigmentation Treatment 

    We know hyperpigmentation is a concern among individuals, and that is what we are here to help you with by planning customized Pigmentation Treatments in Vizag, JUST FOR YOU.

    What is pigmentation?

    In medical terms, pigmentation occurs when the melanin production gets in excess, and starts spreading to the different skin layers. Be it, men or women, both have the problem of hyperpigmentation, no matter what your skin type is.

    How much is the cost for skin pigmentation?

    Well! That depends on what treatment option you are looking for and how much the concern is. For laser surgery to treat the skin pigmentation then the cost can be around Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for one session. As it is possible that you need to undergo more than one session, so for the exact figure of the Pigmentation Treatments Cost in Visakhapatnam, you have to schedule your initial consultation with our doctor.

    What are the different pigmentation disorders?

    Here are some of the concerns for which you need to get the pigmentation treatment:

    • Age spots: Age spots occur on the face, shoulders, chest, and arms & it is also known by the name of liver or sunspots. It occurs in the form of tan, black, or brown colour on the skin surface due to melanin production.
    • Melasma: Melasma is the large patches due to skin getting dark regularly. It is likely to occur on your nose, upper cheeks, upper lip area, forehead, and jawline. Usually, the problem is more common in pregnant women as at that time the hormone changes.
    • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH): Dark patches or spots might occur following the skin inflammation. It occurs mostly on the body with acne-prone areas like the face & neck.
    • Sun tan: Suntan is common among individuals who stay for a longer time in the skin. The melanin production increases, and it is seen on the arms, neck, and face. For aesthetic reasons, pigmentation treatment can do wonders and address the concern. It is better than when you step outside the house, apply sunscreen.
    • Lentigines & Freckles: Freckles might look good on someone but having them in excess and large size can be a concern for many out there. These occur around 2mm to 3mm in size, especially on the body parts exposed to the sun. The reason for this might be genetic or excess sun exposure.

    What is the treatment for skin pigmentation?

    At our clinic, we have advanced and latest procedures to treat pigmentation without any problem. The best part is that you will undergo a detailed consultation session with our medical expert, and you will become familiar with how your concern will be addressed. The most common procedures used for skin pigmentation are:

    • Chemical Peel: Chemical peels are an effective choice. The peels of various concentrations are used to safely remove the damaged layer of the skin along with excess melanin production. Once the damaged skin is removed it will allow your skin to have healthy and new tissues. The doctor will determine the type of peel you need to have by checking your condition.
    • Laser Toning: Laser toning is another option for pigmentation that safely destroys the excess pigment form in the skin. As it takes away the debris carefully and you can see the improvement in the skin tone. Although, one session will not give you the desired results as it will take 4 to 8 sessions to see the difference.

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    Skin Pigmentation Treatment
    Skin Pigmentation Treatment 1

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    Manav Mehra, Vizag

    Manav Mehra, Vizag

    Due to my job profile, most of the time I have to be out which eventually affected my skin. Excess sun exposure leads to pigmentation, and being in my 30s I was concerned, ‘How to solve it?’ Thankfully I came across…. And I booked my consultation with the doctor to better understand the entire process. It took about three sessions and following that I noticed the drastic change I was hoping for. Highly recommend consulting the doctor for your skin concerns.