Hair Transplant

How long does it take for the hair grafts to set after a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant recovery is the most crucial step toward success

When we talk about graft survival and its placement, the critical factor is to ensure everything is set in correctly. Doing so will ensure that the graft placement is carried out in the most manner and the desired hair growth is obtained, which you are looking for. When you plan to get the Hair Transplant in Punjab, it’s essential to consult one of the known hair restoration surgeons who are well aware of the entire process and what the approach is all about.

Follow all the suggestions after undergoing a hair transplant

Once you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Vizag, the recovery requires utmost care and planning. Most importantly, you need to follow all the necessary suggestions shared by your hair restoration surgeon. Right after the surgery, you need to give yourself at least 10 to 14 days to be sure graft placement is done effectively. Don’t try to put any pressure on the scalp or do something that triggers a problem in the given time frame. Some of the utmost tips that are worth considering after undergoing hair transplant treatment are:

  • In case bandages are placed, make sure that you get them removed with the doctor’s expertise.
  • While washing your hair, make sure that you are gentle with your hair care regime. You don’t have to be harsh with your hair, whether it’s washing or conditioning.
  • As mentioned above, at least two weeks are needed to take the best care of your hair grafts.

Most importantly!

Being aware of everything is essential before the surgery starts. Under this scenario, the initial consultation is when you can seek every piece of information, be it about the Hair Transplant Cost or any other information related to the treatment.

Do all transplanted hair grafts grow?

After the initial few days of getting a hair transplant, it’s obvious to notice the hair fall. Most importantly, you need to be cautious about this period to ensure proper care is taken. Understand that studies have shown that the hair grafts survival rate goes up to 90%, which automatically makes hair restoration one of the most successful treatment plans. It’s all about taking the best care after the surgery to ensure desired results are obtained.

Are there any factors that affect the hair grafts survival rate?

Undoubtedly, under expert supervision, the procedure gets completed with utmost ease and perfection. If you don’t consider seeking assistance from an experienced surgeon or try to avoid the same, there will be a problem. Considering the same, there are a few factors that might affect the hair graft survival rate:

  • Donor scalp issues
  • Surgery day conditions
  • physical damage to the grafts
  • Dehydration
  • Surgical technique used
  • Blunt trauma
  • Ischemia-reperfusion injury
  • Graft storage issues