Skin treatment

Which are the different types of skin resurfacing treatment options?

Skin Resurfacing Treatment Options Vizag: Skin resurfacing treatment options is something that helps in storing the youthful complexion & makes it easier for removing the skin’s outer layer. All in all, it does make the skin beneath it have that healthy & radiant glow that you always wished for. With age, the skin’s outer layer is going to show signs of wear & tear, environmental factors, injury, scars, age spots, & discoloration. When you get the skin resurfacing treatment the skin will improve and here are some benefits which you will get through the same:

  • Remove facial or body hair which is not wanted
  • Treat brown spots, redness, or discoloration which makes the skin tone balanced
  • Remove surgical scars & acne
  • Makes the skin tight and helps in collagen production

If you are wondering what step to take or which treatment can help you better with your situation then better schedule an initial consultation with one of the known Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag & address your problem perfectly.

Treatment options for skin resurfacing

  • Chemical peels

The chemical peels are one of those solutions in which the outer layer will begin to peel away. While the treatment is performed the solution will be brushed over the skin and left there for a certain time. By doing so, it helps in giving that younger-looking skin.

Well! The choice of peel is going to depend on light, medium, or deep and afterward the skin layer is removed. This Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag is one of the ideal ways to address the concern which you might have with your skin.

  • Microdermabrasion

It’s one of the gentle treatments done on the hands, body, neck, or face. Once that’s done the exfoliated skin will be vacuumed away this method is safe for all skin types & there is not much downtime required for the same. This process helps in improving tone & gives brighter skin, reduces age spots or mild acne scars, and reduces wrinkles & fine lines like crow’s feet.

  • Microneedling

Microneedling is another great approach that works great in terms of making the skin heal naturally & the necessary skin imperfections are reduced, treats sun damage & makes the complexion clear. Several concerns are addressed with micro-needling like sun damage, stretch marks, large pore size, fine lines & wrinkles, and surgical scars.

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL is kind of the same as laser resurfacing in which light is used for treating skin issues, pigmentation, and makes the complexion better. The single wavelength is focused upon as the brief pulses are delivered. With this method, very little downtime is needed. Some of the concerns which can be treated with IPL are age spots & freckles, redness and rosacea, fine lines, texture issue, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, spider veins, vascular lesions, and many other issues.