Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal Treatment: Should I undergo laser hair removal?

Have you ditched your old razor?

Indeed! It’s time that you do that.

Medical science has proven to us a boon in several ways. One of the major ones is the laser hair removal technique. Be it shaving or waxing; you should both the options at all costs. So, better end this never-ending roller coaster once and for all treatment of Laser Hair Removal in Vizag. You need 3 to 6 sessions, and your hair removal problem will disappear once and for all. If you doubt whether to get it or not, “Get it done.”

Consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon

To enjoy the desired benefits of any procedure, you need to look for an experienced cosmetic surgeon. So, whether you want to undergo laser hair removal, PRP, skin lightening treatment, or Dermal Filler Treatment In Vizag, always find someone experienced. Their expertise and understanding ensure the process get’s done smoothly.

Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not just the method of going to the clinic and removal of unwanted hair. Although, before you choose to get laser hair removal, you need to avoid doing:

  • Plucking
  • Waxing
  • Electrolysis

For at least six weeks, all these practices need to be avoided. Therefore, it makes much more sense for the laser to target the hair roots. So, if you do waxing or plucking, there will be difficult for the laser to target the hair growth.

Additional important factors to increase the success of laser hair removal

  • You should follow the practices for around six weeks before and after the laser hair removal.
  • Limit the sun exposure after the treatment because harmful sun rays can be problematic for hair growth. Moreover, there are increased chances of several complications that makes results ineffective.

Before the laser hair removal surgery

Before the surgery, make sure to trim your hair as per the desired amount suggested by the doctor. It needs to be a few millimeters above the skin surface. Additionally, apply the numbing medications at least 20 to 30 minutes before the treatment. This allows the laser pulse to target the specific hair growth effectively.

The cosmetic surgeon will personalize the treatment plan depending on your requirements. The laser equipment need adjustment according to the hair’s thickness, color, and location. So, everything should be considered before the treatment starts.

Final word!

Well, getting the laser hair removal treatment is worth every penny you spend on it. How the entire process works and gives the necessary results is pivotal to making the utmost difference. So, to answer your concern, undergoing laser hair removal treatment is worth it. Our Vjs Cosmetology Clinic’s doctor will consider your personal requirements and accordingly suggest the necessary plan as well as how many sessions the procedure will take.