Cosmetic Surgery

Let’s drift away from waxing and choose laser hair removal

It’s Time To Turn Over A New Leaf!

The above saying depicts that it’s time to let go of something and get a more favorable choice. Well! Here the concern is to enlighten all those gorgeous ladies out there to switch from waxing to laser hair removal. Let me start by saying that you spend around 96,227.37 yearly on waxing. Whoops! That’s a huge amount. Therefore, it’s time to make the most of inventive and modern Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag. To have that effortlessly smooth skin, laser hair removal is the way to make everything work and take away the stress of getting waxing.

Why choose laser hair removal over waxing?

The Laser Hair Removal in Vizag has gained attention just like the KGF Chapter-2 Trailer got the most views on youtube in 24 hours. Well, it says there would be something great regarding its increasing demand. For a better understanding a few major reasons are mentioned below:

Reason 1: Results are Exceptional

Waxing results are temporary. Well, the time the hair growth would come back varies from person to person. Most importantly, the hair is waxed opposite to the hair growth direction to pull it out easily. Hair growth occurs within a few weeks or one month.

On the other hand, laser hair removal is effective as results are noticeable within a few sessions. The treatment requires you to go through the entire process. The total time required for one person will vary depending on which part you need the laser hair removal. Once you have undergone the total number of sessions suggested by the Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag, you have smooth and flawless skin.

Reason 2: Cost depends on your requirement

As mentioned above, the waxing sessions cost a lot of money for a lifetime. On the other hand, laser hair removal is affordable, and you need to pay for the area which you are looking to get addressed. When you consult the cosmetologist, you need to tell him about the necessary areas in which you want the treatment. The problem of unwanted hair gets addressed within a minimal amount of money.

Reason 3: Overall experience is smooth

When the hot wax is put on the body the strip will be applied to remove the hair growth from the root. And without any doubt, you need to go for an appointment again within a few weeks. Indeed! It’s stressful.

On the other hand, laser hair removal makes slight discomfort still manageable. Until the laser targets the specified body part, there’s a feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin. The given sensation lasts for a few seconds. Although, on the whole, the pain is easy to bear.