Mole Removal

Learn About Different Types Of Moles And How To Eliminate Them

What Are Moles?

Moles are basically an area or spot that is stained with the growth of skin. It usually happens when the pigment generates cells in the skin (melanocytes) that grow in a bunch instead of an even spread.

The medical term for a mole is nevus. It can appear in any part of your body. The color of a mole can also range from skin color to black. Apart from that, the structure can be different too. It can be either flat or raised.

In case a mole is concerned because of its large size, shape, or color, then you must seek help from Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag to get rid of it. 

Mole Removal Surgery

If you think your mole is attractive or bothersome, you must not hesitate to undergo the Mole Removal in Vizag. It is a perfect solution to eliminate your mole permanently.

What Is Mole Removal Surgery?

Mole removal surgery is a very straightforward, outpatient process that the doctor or surgeon conducts to get the mole out of its place.

There are different types of moles, including: 

  • Benign moles

They are typically normal kinds of moles that happen because of the aggravated melanocytes on the skin. Benign moles are generally pink or brown in color with a distinct border to them. 

  • Congenital moles

They are those types of moles that are there from birth. Congenital nevi are more likely to become cancerous as compared to other types. Almost 1 in 100 people have congenital moles. 

  • Dysplastic or irregular moles

These types of moles have an irregular color distribution. They are technically dark brown in the center and have a lighter shade at the edges. In most circumstances, they are inherited moles. It also has a higher chance of becoming a malignant melanoma, a skin cancer type.

When there is any kind of damage or destruction to the DNA of the skin cells, then it leads to the development of cancerous moles. 

What Is The Procedure Of Mole Removal Surgery?

In case you are observing any changes in the color, symmetry, border, diameter, or size of the exciting mole. Then you must visit a professional surgeon to learn about its elimination method.

A doctor would help to determine whether a mole is cancerous or not. And after the initial examination and test, the doctor will be able to rule out the possibility of cancer, if any. If required, they might even perform the mole removal surgery.

People either remove their moles for aesthetic purposes or medical purposes. Whatever the reason may be, it is necessary to undergo the whole procedure under the guidance of skilled doctors and surgeons. 

Steps To Take Before The Mole Removal Surgery

  1. Drink and eat something before the appointment.
  2. Keep a list of all the medicines.
  3. Communicate with your doctor regarding any changes you noticed recently.
  4. Discuss the outcome for a realistic approach.
  5. Follow all the instructions that the doctor set out for you.

 Final Comments

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