Laser Hair Removal

Know all the minute details about the safe and advanced laser hair removal

Laser hair removal for the unwanted hair growth

Laser hair removal is one of the elite options in the self-care treatment plan that’s just seeking attention everywhere around the globe. The self-care treatment is worth everything when you get it under professional expertise. Therefore, the choice of Laser Hair Removal in Vizag is worth every penny compared to the waxing, threading, plucking, and shaving. If you are thinking of getting the same, the blog will highlight some essential details regarding the advanced laser hair removal treatment.

Everything about the advanced laser hair removal

  • Save before the laser hair removal session

You must shave at least 24 hours before the sessions. Shaving before the session is an essential part of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag. Don’t worry if you cannot shave on the areas that are hard to reach. When to visit the clinic the necessary part will be shaved.

  • Tweezing or waxing between sessions is not right

Don’t make the mistake of tweezing and waxing in between the sessions. Because when you do so, the laser targets the hair follicle pigments, and the results are not effective. As the hair growth cycle goes through different stages, make sure to be careful about every step you take.

  • Don’t wear makeup during the session

You are wrong if you think you need to look your best for the session and apply makeup. It’s important not to apply any product or cream on the face. You need to cleanse the face properly to make the session easier.

  • Don’t neglect and find an experienced cosmetic surgeon

When undergoing the laser hair removal procedure, choose someone who is an expert. Every step of the procedure requires care and the right approach. Additionally, the cosmetic surgeon will suggest an accurate treatment plan considering what results in you are looking for.

  • Bearable discomfort

When the laser hits the body, it’s normal to experience slight discomfort. Lasers can be used for different areas like lower legs, underarms, and other areas. When the laser hits the body, it can make you experience slight discomfort that’s normal. After the session gets over, you will feel completely normal.

  • Swelling is normal after the session

The laser hair removal treatment is an advanced approach and safe. But, yes, the clients need to understand to experience redness, itching, and stinging sensation after the session. The feeling simply stays there for 1 to 2 hours, so there’s nothing that you need to worry about.

  • Don’t go out in the sun

After the laser session, you should not go out in the sun. The laser makes the skin sensitive, which can lead to tanning that’s not ideal after the session. So, refrain from sun exposure for at least two weeks after the session.

Final word

If there’s any doubt on your mind, then schedule an initial consultation at Vj’s Cosmetology Clinic to plan everything the right way.