Laser Hair Removal

Everything you need to know about the Laser Hair Removal treatment

Cosmetic procedures are one of those options which allow individuals to look their best all the time. Whether someone wishes to change their look or get themselves pampered, the choice of cosmetic surgery allows everything. One such cosmetic surgery is ‘Laser Hair Removal’ which completely removes the hair. Through the assistance of one of the best  Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag, your issue of unwanted hair follicles is addressed.


How does the laser hair removal procedure work?

The procedure of Laser Hair Removal in Vizag is getting increased demand with time. Additionally, it allows the laser to target the hair follicles through the use of a precise laser. On the targeted body part the laser will directly go there and do its work.

The laser light emitted from the machine will be absorbed by the hair follicles & the hair will get destroyed. Once the hair follicles are damaged the hair growth will not occur for a good amount of time.

How many sessions do I need for laser hair removal?

The total number of sessions you need for laser hair removal will depend on which body part you are seeking laser hair removal. If you are getting laser hair removal for the face then the total number of sessions will be less as compared to sessions required for the leg. The total number of sessions will be told to you once you schedule a consultation with the doctor.

How much time does laser hair removal take?

If you are planning to get underarm laser hair removal then it will take around 15 minutes. This is because the area is less as compared to any other body part.

Are you worried about skin type?

If you are thinking that your skin type laser will not work then it’s not right. The advanced and high-tech laser can work on any sort of skin type.

How is laser hair removal beneficial?

Indeed! This method works the best by removing the unwanted hair follicles from the different body parts so that you don’t have to stress yourself going to the parlor again & again. Bear in mind this procedure is not just for women as even men can get laser hair removal. Now! Let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

  • Speed

The laser pulse takes just a few seconds to treat the body hair. It is so precise that upper lips are treated within 15 minutes. On the other hand, legs and back will take around 1 hour.


  • Precision

The advanced tech laser is used to target coarse & dark hair. It helps in addressing the ingrown hair precisely. Most importantly the surrounding skin will not get damaged in any sense.

Do you wish to have smooth and hairless skin?

Wish Granted! At VJ’s Cosmetology Clinic you will get a customized solution for addressing the problem most effectively. Bear in mind, you will be given all the necessary costs only after knowing which body parts you need the laser hair removal.