Tattoo removal

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment? Tips for Preparation

If you want to remove unwanted tattoos on the body, then laser tattoo removal is best. This procedure helps to remove your tattoo with slight side effects. This treatment depends on your tattoo’s age, size, and color. This treatment laser focuses on the skin where the tattoo is after laser beams heat the skin to ink and break the ink into small particles. Afterward, they are easy to remove from your skin. It needs multiple therapies to remove the tattoo. Tattoo Removal in Vizag removes your tattoo permanently at an affordable price. 

Tips for removing tattoo

If you want to remove your tattoo with laser treatment, you prepare mentally and physically. It helps to heal faster and get effective results. 

Tips for mental preparation 

Manage your expectations 

Laser tattoo removal treatment helps to remove the tattoo on your skin, but sometimes, this treatment does not give an effective result. Suppose you do not get an effective result when you see a faded tattoo on your skin and a light image. Before adopting the laser tattoo removal treatment, you consult a treatment provider. They provide you with proper guidance for treatment procedures. 

Know the tattoo location, ink, and size.

The tattoo location of the body will affect your vascular supply and healing abilities. That means if your tattoo on the heart area is so difficult to remove with laser treatment. 

Blood supply helps to fasten the healing process, but laser tattoo removal treatment includes treating your skin with the laser. Also, tattoo size matters for treatment. If a tattoo is large, then it takes plenty of time. If it is short, then take less time to remove the tattoo on your body. 

This procedure helps remove colorful tattoos.

If you have a color tattoo, it means you tattoo colors blue and green. It’s a challenging task to remove your tattoo completely with a few laser treatments. It takes multiple procedures. But Q switch lasers with PICO laser technology help to remove your tattoo easily. 

Not only one process 

Laser tattoo removal treatment is not only one treatment. It has multiple treatments. But you can see the result in the first treatment. This procedure depends on your tattoo size and color. This treatment takes 5 to 10 treatments to remove your tattoo completely. You and your treatment provider will work on a procedure plan for several months.  


Laser tattoo removal cost depends on your tattoo location, size, color, and number of treatments. It is expensive, but you get a better result after adopting treatment. 

Tips for Physical preparation 

Improve your immune health. 

A healthy immune system helps to improve your healing process. If your immunity is weak, then slow processing to heal. You improve your immune system through fruit and green vegetables. It also helps to maintain your stress level.

Avoid sun exposure

Avoid sunburn and tan all over sun exposure. It makes your skin heat up, so tattoo ink quickly absorbs your skin when treated, so avoid sun exposure.  

Stay hydrated 

Water is most important to your body. It helps to remove body waste and improve the immune system. Hydrate your body in a timely manner and drink more water. When you drink enough water, your body decreases the infection and removes body waste.

Avoid cosmetic products

When you get a laser tattoo removal treatment, you avoid applying such cosmetic products as lotion, perfume, and other cosmetic products in those areas. The treating area should need to be clean and clear. 

Avoid infection and quit smoking. 

When you adopt laser tattoo removal treatment, then quit smoking. If you continuously smoke, you heal slowly and also increase the risk of other health issues. And avoid infection 

If you decide to get a laser tattoo removal treatment before taking it, you can consult a Cosmetic surgeon in India. They will provide all information on the laser tattoo removal procedure and the side effects of treatment. 

Tattoo removal

Everything you need to know about the tattoo removal procedure

Tattoos are the way others like to tell about themselves. Many like to keep it simple but some like to go all out. Initially, they think it’s a masterpiece but with time when their feelings start to grow or they got it without any motive then it’s nothing but just regret. If you also have a tattoo that you regret getting then what’s the worry?

Undergoing the tattoo removal procedure can take that stress away with ease and safety. It’s one of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag which many individuals have benefited from.

Which is the best choice available for tattoo removal?

The Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag will suggest the option of laser tattoo removal as the new & latest approach works effectively. The laser precisely targets the tattoo and everything is carried out with extreme safety. Being such an inventive approach it works the best in all ways.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal with laser technology is one of the effective ones. During laser, the target is put on by breaking down the ink from deep beneath the skin where the tattoo is located. By doing so, the laser light will directly control the light. Additionally, this allows the ink molecules to shatter down and the left ones will be absorbed into the body. The best part is that the nearby skin will not get damaged. The laser will be used depending on what is the tattoo color or do you have any preference.

The best part of laser treatment is that it’s effective and downtime is less. No doubt, it will leave some scabs & blisters after the process which is normal. As time passes by and the area heals it will subside on its own. So, there is nothing which you have to worry about.

How many sessions do I need?

The total count of the session will depend on different factors like:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Age (How long have you got the tattoo for?)

Take this way, if the tattoo is small then fewer sessions are needed as compared to the larger one. Additionally the tattoo color of light blue, red & yellow also takes time to remove with ease. If the tattoo is old then the ink present in it will be easy to break down as compared to the new tattoo.

For Example, a Small black tattoo will take around 4 to 5 sessions whereas the one with color, large, or new takes around 10 sessions. For better understanding, you can talk to the doctor.

Is the procedure painful?

Laser surgery has less pain attached to it. As the laser is put on the skin it might feel like someone is snapping a rubber band on the skin. Additionally, it also depends on your pain tolerance level.

Do you have any concerns in mind?

Schedule your initial consultation with our board-certified doctor: Dr. C Vijay Kumar having more than 45 years of experience. He will check your condition and accordingly give you the necessary treatment plan.