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Detailed understanding about the breast augmentation procedure

Breast augmentation procedure with flawless results

Are you unhappy with your breast shape and size? Well, you are not alone who feel that way. Many women are out there who feel self-conscious about their breasts. That’s where you need to go down the road of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag for breast augmentation to attain the necessary results. To attain the necessary results, the procedure of breast augmentation makes the ideal choice. In case you wish to get a fuller breast, then you can plan for breast lift surgery.

What are the reasons for choosing breast augmentation?

The selection of breast augmentation procedure is to get the fuller looking breasts along with:

  • Get breast reconstruction – common among women who have undergone breast cancer treatment.
  • Get the desired breast symmetry.
  • Get the shape restored and get the right breast size following pregnancy or weight loss
  • Get younger-looking figure
  • Get small natural breasts enlarged
  • The goal is to achieve a feminine look

If you are concerned about something and want to plan the procedure with a reliable approach, then get hold of the best Cosmetic surgeon in Vizag.

Selection of breast implant

Breast implant are of 2 common types – Silicone & Saline.

  • Silicone implants have a soft plastic gel that won’t get wrinkled easily as compared to other implants.
  • Saline-filled implants contain sterile salt water along with the sterile solution. But if these get ruptured, then it has a higher risk of getting passed out from the body.

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation are:

  • One or both breasts did not grow like normal
  • Breasts are not symmetrical
  • The upper part of the breast seems to be empty
  • Breasts are too small
  • You have kept your expectations realistic from surgery
  • After significant weight loss or pregnancy, you have started to notice a problem with breast volume and overall shape
  • Physically healthy
  • Above the age of 18

To prepare yourself for the surgery, it’s essential to know all the minute details from the doctor. Being careful about keeping yourself healthy and fit is imperative. Along with that, take necessary measures before the surgery, like don’t take anti-inflammatory medications as it increases the risk of bleeding. Do not smoke and drink to ease the recovery time. As the procedure is performed under general anesthesia or some sedation to ease the discomfort, and you can talk about the same to the doctor.

Tips for recovery after getting breast augmentation

Once you undergo surgery, be mindful of all the necessary tips and tricks shared by the doctor. You should discuss everything with the doctor as to when you can return to the daily regime after the surgery. Some essential tips that you need to keep in mind are:

Important consideration Brief understanding
Do not lift anything heavy & follow exercise regime ●     Keep this in mind for 4 to 5 weeks. You need to give your body time to heal.
Wear a surgical bra as recommended by the doctor ●     Doing so allows the bra to get the right support. Talk to the doctor about how long you need to wear it.
Apply SPF 30 ●     You need to protect the body from the direct sun exposure; otherwise it can hamper the results
Get rest and sleep in appropriate position ●     When you want to sleep, keep your head & chest elevated for a few days.