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Liposuction or Weight Loss – What are the differences?

People who are following healthy habits such as eating good food and working out daily, they must have noticed that, although they are losing weight and able to reach their fitness goals.

But, along with that, there are a few spots where they are unable to lose fat at all. Well, the answer is, when you use natural weight loss techniques such as a healthy diet and exercise, it’s impossible for you to make spot weight reduction.

Hence to reduce weight from spot liposuction is suggested.

In this blog, we are going to discuss both liposuction and weight loss, on the basis of which we will figure out which one is the best option for you.

How Weight Loss Works?

 You all must be aware of the fact that there is a specific number of fat cells in an adult’s body, and they remain almost the same throughout their life. We just need to manage those fat cells in such a way that it gets distributed all over our body in an equal way.

But unfortunately, that never happens. Whenever we lose weight with the help of natural methods such as healthy eating habits and exercise, don’t lose those fat cells, you just get rid of the fats from those cells.

In short, those cells can again make you fat as those cells were never removed.

How Does Liposuction Work?

 Liposuction is one such procedure with the help of which you can easily eliminate fat cells below the skin, and the biggest benefit of this procedure is that you would be able to get rid of those fat cells forever.

Although you would be able to gain weight after the procedure, that fat will settle down in other parts of your body.

If you want to work on spot reduction, such as there are a number of people who have a lot of face fat, and even after working out a lot, they are unable to lose their face fat; in such a case, you can move forward with liposuction.

Benefits of Liposuction

 There are a number of benefits of liposuction. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • You would be able to reduce fats from a specific body part easily without any side effects or complications.
  • There is a high chance that you would be able to boost your health because of losing fat cells from your body.
  • You would be able to lose fats from those areas or sections where even healthy eating habits and workouts can’t help.

This was all about the benefits, but there are a few risks involved with liposuction as well. The first risk is you may notice a lot of irregularities in the body fat percentage from various parts. Secondly, if the procedure is not carried forward in the right manner, then you can face infections as well.

 Hence make sure to get in touch with the cosmetic surgeon in Vizag.


 We hope you were able to understand the difference between liposuction and weight loss, and now you are completely ready to select the right option for you. If you are looking for acne scar removal treatment or any such cosmetic surgery in Vizag, then VJ Cosmetology Clinics is the best option for you.

Body Contouring Treatment

Why And Who Should Select Non-Surgical Body Contouring Method?

Everyone wants sculpted hips, shapely abs, and toned thighs, but not most of them have it naturally. All those strict diets and workout regimes can only help you to a certain extent in terms of addressing those stubborn fats in the body.

This is where Body Contouring Treatment In Andhra Pradesh comes into use.

It is a non-surgical body contouring method that helps you achieve that slim and smooth figure without using Liposuction and other surgical procedures. This automatically means that there is no recovery time, no need for anesthesia, and the treatments are generally more affordable in nature.

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Body Contouring

These are some advantages of opting for non-surgical body contouring instead of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag. Although cosmetic surgery has its own merits and depending on your demand, the surgeon would suggest accordingly.

  1. It gives a result that grows over the period of time, which makes the change in your look happen gradually but naturally for those around you.
  1. It is a short treatment session, as compared to other methods. It typically takes less than an hour, which means that you can easily fit it into your busy schedule.
  1. You would require minimal recovery time that permits you to continue working or do your daily activity without any barriers.
  1. It allows minimal invasiveness, which is a big plus for those who are anxious about the whole idea of surgery.
  1. You will experience little to no pain at all, although it will vary based on the individual sensitivities and the kind of treatment you choose.

Who Is The Candidate For Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for non-surgical body contouring. There are certain cases where the patient will be more advantageous with surgical procedures. While there are also some patients who have to do some work before they can benefit from any kind of body contouring. These are some of the few indicators that might address who would be the best option for such a method and who would not.

  • You have an ideal weight.

If you are at your ideal weight or near it, you are the most eligible to get non-surgical body contouring. The reason behind such a notion is that weight gain or weight loss can cause many problems in terms of maintaining the outcome of the treatment. As long as the patient is under 20 pounds of their goal weight, then they do not have anything to worry about.

  • You have firm and slightly loose skin.

Many patients who want to undergo non-surgical methods do not actually have any stubborn fat pockets in their bodies. They rather have excess skin, which can produce a similar look. Also, keep in mind that not all non-surgical methods can help you tighten the skin, but there might be some that do. This is why it is necessary for you to work with your surgeon and opt for the right choice based on the laxity of your skin. Also, you must address moderate to severe excess skins with surgical body contouring.