Cosmetic Surgery

A Comprehensive Guide to Various Cosmetic Procedures and Where to Get Them Done

Our lives have become very hectic. We don’t lead the same lifestyles as our previous generations did. Our food is corrupted, life filled with tensions, and less and less time to take care of our health. These factors coupled with climate change has affected our health very much.People have started to look older much faster compared to before.

Our appearance has a profound impact on our self esteem and mental health. So many people are now opting for medical assistance in keeping their skin healthy and glowing.  

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Dermatologists and cosmetologists around the globe offer hundreds of cosmetic procedures. These are the few prevalent ones:

->Brachioplasty- In this cosmetic procedure the appearance of your upper arm is improved by a procedure that removes excess fat, tightens the supportive ligaments, removes excess skin and then smoothens the remaining skin.

->Botox injections- Injecting your muscles with botox helps in prevention of wrinkles for a temporary period of time. Botox can be used to prevent migraine as well.

->Chemical peel- Chemical peel is a procedure done to treat wrinkles, scars, hyper pigmentation and discoloration. It can be done stand alone and also together with other procedures as well.

->Laser skin resurfacing- In this procedure the outermost layer of skin epidermis is removed with great precision layer by layer using laser, this promotes the growth of new collagen fibres revealing a new skin that is smoother and firmer.

->Vaginal rejuvenation- This is done both surgically as well as non surgically to make the skin around your vagina firmer and also making the vaginal canal tighter.


a)Laser hair removal- Laser hair removal is done to reduce the growth of unwanted hair, main areas where this procedure is performed are armpit, bikini line, arms and legs etc.

b)Skin lightening procedure- This cosmetic procedure is done to lighten the dark areas of the skin as well and achieve a lighter complexion.

c)Permanent tattoo removal- This procedure is performed to permanently remove a tattoo done on your skin. A precise beam of laser light is used to carefully remove the pigments until the tattoo is not visible anymore.

d)Skin pigmentation- Skin pigments can dull the appearance of skin, hence precise laser is used to penetrate the layers of skin and reduce skin pigmentation. 

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