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A Comprehensive And Brief Note To Understand The Need For Lip Fillers

Due to puberty age, youngsters face skin problems like acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and many more. Pimples are only because of hormonal changes in puberty age. It is common for everyone, but many people get cosmetic surgeries done in order to cure it. Some home remedies and a proper and healthy diet can be useful for making your skin healthy. To enhance the beauty, people use lip fillers.

Definition of pimples 

Pimples are small papules or pustules, which are also known as spots or zits, and they are part of acne. They occur during the puberty stage and also at any age. Puberty occurs in the early years of teenage. At this age, a person faces physical, emotional and hormonal changes, and he faces problems like pimples 

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Definition of lip fillers  

Lip fillers are a type of injection. These injections increase the size of your lips. People get good results through lip fillers. The name of the injection is derma filler. Lip filler is a nonsurgical procedure. The injecting material contains hyaluronic acid. There are different types of lip fillers: juvederm, perlane and restylane. 

Reasons why people get lip fillers 

Getting lip filler is a personal choice. There are many reasons to get lip fillers.

  • Restoring lip size. Your lips get smaller or thinner according to age. The space between your upper lip and septum gets longer and flatter. It is also known as philtrum. The place between the corners of your lips increases. This distance is called intercommissural distance.
  • To correct the shape of your lips. Lip fillers can correct the asymmetrical shape and size of your lips.
  • Smooth the wrinkles: When you smile or laugh, sometimes there are wrinkles on your face, which can be cured by lip fillers. 
  • Increase the confidence level: Lip fillers are helpful to improve your self-confidence.

How common lip fillers are 

Lip fillers are very common nowadays. A study done in 2018 shows that almost 23 million people get lip fillers. 

Benefits of lip fillers

There are many benefits of lip fillers. 

  • Lip fillers are safe. The procedure of lip filler is also safe. Lip followers are risk-free. There is not no risk of complications or side effects.
  • Lip fillers are helpful to boost your confidence level. 
  • Lip fillers are reversible. If you are not satisfied with your look, your dermatologist will inject an enzyme as a solvent to resolve your lip filler. The name of the enzyme is hyaluronidase.

Risk of using lip fillers 

Everything has its pros and cons. Lip fillers are not only beneficial. There are some risks as well.

  • Pain and bleeding at the site of injections.
  • Reactivation of cold sore
  • Discoloration 
  • Tenderness.
  • Infection.
  • The injection of lip filler can dead the tissue around an artery. The tissue is known as vascular compromise.
  • You can see the asymmetry in your lips. 
  • The lip filler bleeds into other areas of your face, such as your nose. The bleed in other areas of the face is known as migration.

Lip fillers take 12-24 hours for relief from pain and swelling, taking 24-48 hours to go.

Lip fillers give instant and satisfactory results. Lip fillers are beneficial for humans and provide the best results. The younger generation mostly uses it. On the other hand, Pimples are a major problem in puberty age because of eating habits and hormonal changes. Some people have a habit of scratching pimples, and this habit creates marks on the skin. Then, people looking for the best cosmetic surgeon in India and the best plastic surgeon are in VJ cosmetology clinics.